Thrill of the Crime

Thrill of the Crime: A Sloth of Mechanics

Note: This article was originally posted on Age’s Blog.

I beat the first raid wing quite a little while ago, but I never talked about what I thought of it. In this post however, I will not only be about the first wing—including what I’ve learned of it’s mechanics in a nutshell—but will also talk about the second raid wing and how the different mechanics change the way squads play together.

In Raid Wing 1 there were a lot of little things we learned:

  • The tank is the person with the highest toughness.
  • Slick shoes is great for bosses like Gorseval.
  • Utility Chronomancer is amazing for quickness and alacrity.

Then there was the unique boss mechanics. Vale Guardian’s landfall required that at least four people had to be on to prevent party wipes. Gorseval’s prison mechanic required people to keep moving and be aware of another person’s path to prevent getting encased. Sabetha has a flak attack which targets the farthest person from her. What’s interesting was that each of these boss fights in Raid Wing 1 went from being less mechanically dependent to more dependent for individuals in the squad.

For Vale Guardian, you needed anyone melee to not stand on blue teleports, some knockbacks for seekers and at least 4 people always going for green landfall. Nothing really to hard about that. The tank would just need to move the boss accordingly so the squad didn’t eat the lava floor and so that the landfall would be in the right area. You’d also need good breaks which a power Revenant with staff and another person could easily fill. Gorseval required 3 people to have cripple, chill, or immobilize to slow down Charged Souls, a tank to lead Gorseval around, ideally someone to pull in spirits when going to a wall, and one or two people clearing spectral orbs so the squad can move around to avoid getting a damage debuff. The dependency on the entire group falls with getting to the wall where the tank was pulling so that Enraged and Angered spirits could be cleaved out and to avoid the Ghostly Prison mechanic which slows DPS.

Sabetha required a lot more group dependency on the mechanics. You have two to four jumpers going up to destroy cannons but the squad needs to be aware that almost anyone can get the green bomb which you need to throw onto a pad where the jumper needs to be. Since there is four pads—one on each side of the boss’s platform—everyone needs to be aware of where they should throw if they get the bomb. There’s also timed bombs where the person closest to Sabetha—or two closest people during the last half of the fight—will need to move out of the group to avoid doing damage to everyone, but you also have to not hit jumpers and the person who’s on flak duty if possible.

In all three fights you can have a few people purely DPS and have some players handle the other mechanics such as tanking or flak shots. So far, Raid Wing 2 sticks with the idea of progressively adding group dependency for mechanics.

Speaking of Raid Wing 2, I’m on Slothasor right now and I have to say this fight is mechanically intensive for everyone. I personally feel like this fight is really easy but still hard at the same time. It’s really easy because I find it’s very simple on what your squad has to do to beat Slothasor. It can be hard because depending on how people handle the mechanics and execution on what to do can be a nightmare.

Slothasor introduces mechanics that require everyone to do well. And I mean everyone. There is a random Fixation mechanic where Slothasor will target a specific player as the tank. This changes from time to time so people need to be aware when they’re the tank and move the boss accordingly. There’s also a Volatile Poison mechanic every ~25 seconds where a person will gain a debuff that drops a growing poison field after a few seconds drops requiring the player to move to an area away from where the squad is at or where they are going. All the while you’re traversing a poison floor of mushrooms that the squad must make a path through via an imbued mushroom that turns an ally into a Slubling. The ally who eats the mushroom becomes a Slubling enemy and can be hit with the attacks from the rest of the squad, so you have to be careful where you cleave and so on. These few mechanics alone makes this fight easy or hard depending on if people are aware of the icons on their heads and if they can move to the proper locations in time.

Essentially, everyone needs to learn how to tank and move the boss properly like with Vale Guardian & Gorseval and move dangerous stuff out of the group like with Sabetha. So if players have never done these mechanics on these fights—either because they let other people handle it or don’t know how to move a boss—it can get really hard. There’s even a small orange circle AoE that appears at people’s feet; 3 of them are placed based on your location. The squad needs to collectively move after 2 seconds to reduce the spreading of that AoE. If hit, you take substantial damage and are knocked down for 5 seconds per circle. This orange circle mechanic is similar to Gorseval’s prison mechanic and Vale Guardian’s blue teleport field mechanics where getting hit will result in a loss in DPS. Of course you still have other mechanics specific people can do such as clearing path, reflects and pulling/cleaving enemy slublings out.

Personally, I like Slothasor this way. It shows who needs to work on the mechanics, though since it’s only been a week I think everyone can improve on something. Slothasor also rewards squads who are on point and truly understand the mechanics of the fight. It may seem easier to some groups because of the experience gained with Raid Wing 1, the group understanding the mechanics, and understanding the professions they’re playing to optimal potency. For some groups it’ll be harder because they need to learn the mechanics and how to deal with them, to survive a lot better, to watch their positioning more and they need to get the best out of their professions which they may not have been doing before.

I’m hoping the rest of Raid Wing 2 will be like this. I haven’t done research or looked at much outside of Slothasor, but I’ve heard some things about the other bosses such as the second one being really easy. It’ll be interesting to see what those fights will be like. For now, I’ll be doing more Slothasor homework.

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