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The Scrying Pool: What’s Up?

Welcome to the Scrying Pool, my Guild Wars 2 column here on Mattsta.Ninja. The weather where I live is unusually warm for this time of year. I guess you could say it is pretty HoT out there… ;)

Bad jokes aside, it has been a while since I last released a Scrying Pool. I have been spending most of my free time playing Heart of Thorns that released about 7 weeks ago now alongside the Halloween festivities.

Much like I said in my prepare for launch article, I focused more on Halloween at launch. I managed to get all of the in-game skins and mini-pets (including Gwynefyrdd!!) with the solitary exception of Nightfury. I did manage to get the tattered bat wings needed to craft it and have the endless tonic from the previous year, so crafting it is more of a when I get to it and not the incredible hurdle that most will have in trying to craft it.

Moving on to HoT I have completed the story 6 times and am about halfway through a seventh with plans to eventually finish on all 11 of my characters. I have the vanilla personal story done on 9 of my 11 characters, so this goal isn’t too weird for HoT. The biggest difference is that the rewards for the HoT story feel far better than the original story was.

After finishing with each character, I will end up with most of the chak and auric weapon skins for free and will be close to having all of the ley line armor skins unlocked. If you are also going through the story on multiple characters, I recommend looking at the following reddit posts for the chak and auric weapons for choosing the optimal weapons for each class.

Then I recommend not using the ley line armor you get from the last instance until you are almost done with the collection. Opening Noxious Pods in Dragon’s Stand have a chance to reward you with random ley line armor pieces while the last story instance box lets you choose any piece from any armor weight. I had already used one on my first character through, so will wait until I only need 10 more ley line armors before I use the ones from the story instance to easily finish up the collection. By the way, those ley line armor boxes from the last instance stack for easy storing.

So I have been working towards completing everything. I recently completed all 3 of the order backpieces you get from the HoT story, earning my Great Redeemer title in the process. I also have the Chronomancer Shield, Glint Shield and Reaper Greatsword done. This week I also finished all of the Maguuma masteries (including the raid mastery). I still have the last fractal mastery and all of the legendary masteries to go, but hopefully next week will bring about the fractal changes that improve experience from fractals making leveling those masteries easier.

I am still only at fractal level 57 after being 50 since long before the launch of HoT. I am however having a lot of fun with fractals as guildmates have started to actually do them since HoT. We joke how they are doing them now because you can do short single fractals, but they are in fact doing more fractals now than they ever did before. Progressing through Fractals also slowed down a bit since raids came out a few weeks ago.

I like the raids a lot. After weeks of being stuck on him, we finally beat Gorseval last night! The only drop of note that I have gotten from the raid is the Mini Vale Guardian. This week we finally saw someone in our group receive a normal ascended armor drop and I’m sad that it gave an actual piece of armor (was a Light Boot) instead of a box that lets you pick weight class like the ones that drop from fractals. Outside of that the drop rates seem a little low. Out of the 5 loot-able boss kills I have seen only one unique item and no other ascended gear. If the 2nd wing comes out mid-to-late January like they had teased about when first announcing raids, then I won’t be close to earning everything I want at my current rate before then.

Then PvP Leagues came out on December 1st. I haven’t really done much PvPing since they came out. I knew going in that I was going to do mostly Stronghold as I am the type of PvPer that likes more objective based gameplay such as Capture-the-Flag and attack/defend game modes. That Stronghold has been disabled for the past while has kept me out of the league play and I am currently just three pips into the first league. Speaking of, I think it is weird that other people think calling them pips is weird. Pips is the perfect name for them in my opinion.

I am super excited for Wintersday next week. I probably mentioned this leading up to release and Halloween, but holidays are my favorite additions to games. It is fun to see the returning stuff and exciting to see what new things are added. I don’t really expect new content this year, though it would be awesome if there was something new. I am however, a big sucker for rewards and am excited to see what I can get this year.

I was talking with guildmates this week and we thought of some awesome guild hall decoration things. Halloween gave us pumpkins for a bunch of candy corn and we were hoping Wintersday does something similar, maybe even with all of the tiny snowflakes we have everywhere. Some of the things we thought would be cool were the floating Asuran snowmakers, snowmen, piles of gifts, snowflakes (both decorative and ones made for jumping on) and piles of snowballs that you can actually interact with to obtain a snowball to throw.

So that is what I have been up to since the launch of HoT. In the next Scrying Pool I’ll start going into what I like and don’t like about the various things that HoT has brought. If there is anything in particular you would like to see me talk about, leave a comment below and I’ll look at talking about that first.

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