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The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2

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There are three achievements tied to the Party Politics instance. You will need to complete the instance once for each achievement. Within the instance, you will have a bar in the event UI which shows how much suspicion the party guests have on you. Conversation steps are marked with an orange triangle and any other conversation options are not considered steps for the sake of these achievements. Some conversation steps will cause you to gain suspicion while others will not.

Sneaky Sleuth & Super Sleuth

Sneaky Sleuth requires completing the instance without gaining any suspicion. Super Sleuth requires you to only use the 12 necessary conversation steps, some of which will cause you to gain some suspicion. While you will need to run the instance twice to get both achievements, the two achievements are achieved in almost the exact same way with a few conversations being different. The following video shows the options you need to select or you can look at the table below for the key conversation options.
Sneaky SleuthSuper Sleuth
"(laugh) If you've seen one minister, you've seen them all."
"I hear one minister is spreading rumors about the queen."
"Is that why Minister Estelle wants to retire? A lack of excitement?"
Lady Claire
  • "That's just a bad rumor, a lie."
  • "This doesn't add up."
  • "That's just a bad rumor, a lie."
  • "Kasmeer, what do you think?"
  • "I believe you."
  • "That may be complicated."
  • "You don't think she met with Scarlet?"
  • "That may be complicated."
  • "Kasmeer, what do you think?"
  • "So, she didn't meet with Scarlet?"
"I've had some experience with ministers. Not all are bad."
"Do you like your jobs?"
Minister Estelle
"I know all about you."
"Shy, huh?"
"Did you hear what the queen discussed with Scarlet?"
"I heard the queen was escorted out for her safety."
"You're sticking by the claim that they arranged this in the throne room?"
"You told your accomplice to say it was a black cape."

Shoddy Sleuth

Shoddy Sleuth requires you to complete the instance with the max amount of suspicion before being kicked out. This is not filling the bar completely, but to the point where another bad conversation choice would fill it. Simply complete the instance as you would complete Sneaky Sleuth after selecting 9 wrong conversation options to almost fill up the suspicion bar.

Mischief Maker

At the beginning of the instance you are supposed to use Taimi's device to demonstrate it to Phlunt and the other Asuras. Instead of using the device, go up and attack the mini waypoint directly. The first time you attack Taimi will make a comment about how you can't punch Ley Line Energy. Attack again and Braham will cheer and do his signature Kuh-bam! Attacking a third time will make Taimi upset with Braham. Unfortunately Taimi doesn't really yell at Braham like the achievement description leads you to believe, but is more just disappointed. Really easy achievement to get and can be done at the same time as either of the other two achievements.

Defender of the Tiny

Once the boss spawns there will be a pop-up dialogue option with two choices. For this achievement you want to select the option to let Taimi run her machine while you prevent her from taking any damage. The only source of damage are Mordrem Husks that will spawn while the boss is invulnerable and trying to charge up on the mini waypoints around the instance. The Husks will spawn on either side of the room and only one at a time. You just need to kill each Husk before it reaches Taimi to get credit for this achievement. Conditions such as Cripple and Chill will help give you more time to kill the husks, and since the boss is invulnerable to your attacks and doesn't focus on you during this period this is a fairly easy to get achievement.

Power Squelcher

The last achievement is to defeat the boss when it is fully powered up. There are two phases for the boss, one is while the boss is attacking and the other is a power up phase during which the boss is invulnerable. During the power up mode the boss will go around and suck up the energy from the mini waypoints. This will give the boss a stacking buff called Ley Line Energy which will make its attacks during the attack phase bigger and more damaging. You need to kill the boss while it has 20 stacks of this buff. The boss will retain its stacks of this buff during the attack phase, but when it transitions back to its power up phase it will shed all stacks of the buff. So for this achievement you need to get the boss low on health, wait for its power up phase, let it gain 20 stacks by not using Taimi's device at all and then killing it when it switches back to its attack phase. Since you need to not use the device, you cannot get this achievement at the same time as Defender of the Tiny.
All three achievements for the World Summit take place at the end of the instance while you are fighting the Shadow of the Dragon. There are two phases to the fight: attacking and vulnerable. During the attacking phase, players cannot hurt the dragon at all while the dragon will fly around occassionally using its claw and breath attacks. During this phase there are three Mordrem roots on the floor of the chamber: 2 are melee versions while the third is a ranged attacker. Killing all three of these roots will transition the fight into the vulnerable phase where the dragon gets pinned down and is vulnerable to attacks from the player. As the dragon is pinned, there are no attacks to avoid during this phase. The vulnerable phase will end after the dragon's health has reach 25%/50%/75% or a short amount of time has passed. If the phase times out instead of reaching a health milestone, the next vulnerable phase will still end at that milestone. (For example, if you get the dragon to 76% health and it times out the next vulnerable phase will still end when it hits 75% health.) When the vulnerable phase ends, it goes back into its attack phase and spawns three more roots. Killing the dragon involves going between these phases until the dragon runs out of health. While it is possible to get all three achievements in the same run, it is probably best to focus on Mote Master by itself and do the other two in another run.

Untouched by Maw and Claw

The first achievement is to avoid all of the Claw and Breath attacks. This is just all of the orange AoEs on the ground during the fight. The following video shows each of the attacks you need to watch out for. Two tactics for this is standing in the middle and walking outside the effects or by hiding in some of the corners of the chamber. Most of these attacks persist for a few seconds after the attack, so it is best to stay clear of the effected areas until they disappear. While you should aim for just standing outside of these attacks, they can also be evaded and blocked for this achievement.

Can't Knock Me Down

This achievement involves the biggest attack which covers the entire room. For the previous achievement you could evade or block this attack, but for Can't Knock Me Down you need to time your jump to avoid the stomp. The video above shows the a successful jump over the stomp. The quicker you kill the vines, the less time the dragon has to unleash this attack. Even so, the dragon will still probably get this attack off once during each attack phase. You will need to successfully jump the stomp every time the dragon stomps to get this achievement.

Mote Master

When you first start the instance there will be a Challenge Mote which looks like a floating ball of blue flame. Interacting with this will initiate challenge mode. The objective of this achievement is to not die more than twice with challenge mode on. Dying does not include being downed, only actual death where the option to restart from a checkpoint or leave the instance appears. Being downed and rallying will still allow you to complete this achievement. Challenge Mode and this achievement are not very difficult, but it is an easy one to fail.

Challenge Mode keeps everything the same as normal mode, but adds Mordrem Pods to the fight which do two things. At the end of the dragon's vulnerable phase, if even one of these pods is alive it will fully heal the dragon back to full. At the same time, if even one of the pods is alive it will revive any previously killed pods. The maximum number of pods at one time is four. The best plan is to ignore the pods completely, then kill all four of the pods within the same attack phase.

The pods are immune to all damage from the player unless the player has on the pheromone buff which players might remember from one of the Dynamic Events that took place in Iron Marches from the previous patch. This buff is gained from being entangled. While players need to be entangled to get the buff, being entangled also roots the player until they can break free (by spamming the 1 skill) which can lead to tanking a few attacks from the roots and dragon. The best plan is to kill the ranged roots and one of the melee roots. After that it is then possible to get the other melee root stuck behind one of the pods. Now you just wait for the buff (while trying to pick a spot you think will be safe from the next dragon attacks) and killing each of the pods, saving the pod the root is stuck behind for last. After you kill all four of the pods, you can kill the last root and finish the fight like you would outside of challenge mode.

If you don't want to be entangled, when you have the incoming entangled debuff on you (which looks like immobilize and will put cross-hairs under your character's feet) you can dodge to prevent from becoming entangled. This is useful if a big attack like the stomp is coming at the same time or you don't want to kill pods yet. It is important to know that after you kill off all four pods so they don't respawn anymore, entanglement will still occur. Since you no longer need the buff anymore, it is important to still watch out for this and dodge to prevent entanglement.

Coin Collector: Challenger Cliffs

You can find all of the locations on the Dry Top Map as Pink Point of Interest icons. You can also click the buttons below to show each coin's walkthrough video.

Licensed Learned Legendary Llama Locator

Buried Treasure: Challenger Cliffs

Same as the previous Buried Treasure achievements. Simply open three Buried Locked Chests (by using Zephyrite Lockpicks) that appear during the sandstorm in the Challenger Cliffs.

Rock 'n' Roller

This achievement is tied to the event 'Escort Rustbucket to the repair station.' The event starts at the Crash Site 3 point of interest and has players escorting a beat-up golem. The golem will occasionally spit out charged rocks. Pick these up and throw them back at the golem to keep its charge up. Kill the skritt and Inquest that get in the way. Easy achievement to get.

Heist Hinderer

Tied to the event 'Prevent skritt from stealing supplies.' There are 10 supplies at the Repair Station that players must defend skritt from taking for the duration of the event. Skritt can pick up and carry the supplies, but if they reach their holes outside the camp then the supplies are lost and the achievement cannot be completed. The only skritt that will take supplies are Skritt Thieves, so targeting these down with lots of damage is important. Also, since there is only two narrow paths that the skritt will enter and leave the camp, area denial skills such as Guardian's Line of Warding can be very effective.

Sand Shield

Tied to the event 'Protect Researcher Eway while he examines inert dust mites.' This event starts at the Repair Station at the beginning of the sandstorm. Eway will stay in the camp for a while after the event starts while he talks with his assistant. Once he begins moving he will walk Southeast out of the camp to investigate something. Once he reaches his destination a bar will appear in the event UI to show his progress. For this achievement you want to keep Eway from getting below 25% health for the duration of the event. During the event a few waves of skritt will spawn. Intercept these before they get to Eway. Any other mob can also hurt Eway, such as the giant beetles that spawn during one of the other events. So this achievement is essentially keep all the things away from Eway. Since this achievement is to keep Eway's health above a threshold, any skill that heals allies can be helpful. Since these skills prioritize players over NPC allies, however, they won't be very effective if a lot of players are near Eway.

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