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The Dragon’s Reach: Part 1

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The video below is a walkthrough of the different trap locations that you either need to avoid for the Nary a Pitfall achievement or trigger and defeat the trap's summons for the Leave No Survivors achievement. It also shows the location of the Secret Ooze for the Crate Scrapper achievement.


Each of the blue circles in the video above is either a trap or ambush. Stepping within the circle will activate the trap or ambush. Interacting with Scruffy and telling him to 'Activate detection scan' will reveal the nearby traps, but has a very short range.

Leave No Survivors

  • Activate each trap.
  • Kill the 1-3 mobs that spawn at each.
  • See Inquest below for directions on the Inquest ambush

Nary a Pitfall

  • Avoid Completely
  • Setting off even one prevents the Nary a Pitfall achievement.

Objective 1

Leave No Survivors

  • Interact with any container
  • Select the fight option
  • Kill the Oozes that spawn

Nary a Pitfall

  • Interact with the Middle Container
  • Close the Interaction Window
  • Talk to Scruffy and select the First (new) Option
  • Interact with the Middle Container and select the First (new, non-fight) Option

Objective 2

Leave No Survivors

  • Interact with the Asuran Power Generator
  • Select the options in the following order:
    1. Turn off the generator.
    2. Open the generator's casing.
    3. Grab the armature from the aetheric field.
  • Kill the Shadow Imps that spawn

Nary a Pitfall

  • Interact with the Asuran Power Generator
  • Select the options in the following order:
    1. Turn off the generator.
    2. Open the generator's casing.
    3. Deactivate the aetheric field.
    4. Grab the armature from the aetheric field.

Objective 3

Leave No Survivors

Nary a Pitfall


Leave No Survivors

  • Trigger Inquest Ambush - AVOID ENTERING COMBAT
  • Run to the Inquest Gate which is now open.
  • Kill the Inquest at the Gate.
  • Run back and kill the Inquest Ambusher.
  • At ~50% health, the Ambusher becomes invincible for a few seconds and starts running away.
  • Kill the Ambusher before she gets to the Gate.

Nary a Pitfall

  • Avoid Completely

Secret Ooze (for Crate Scrapper Achievement)

Leave No Survivors

Watch the Traps Walkthrough video above for the location of the Secret Ooze
  • Interact with crate to spawn Champion Chromatic Ooze
  • Killing will count as an enemy group for the Leave No Survivors achievement as well as complete the Crate Scrapper achievement

Nary a Pitfall

  • Avoid Completely
All three of the achievements for the Foefire Cleansing instance are completed in the last room. You will need to run the instance at least twice for achievements, as Not So Buff Now requires preventing the statue from being buffed even once while Strike's Over needs the statue to be buffed three times in a row. Another stipulation of all the achievements is that the you stay in the boss room. To help towards this, ArenaNet has placed a red fiery line across the entrance. As long you don't cross the line you will be good, which is no problem at all unless you get unlucky with fear.

Not So Buff Now

The easiest achievement is Not So Buff Now. All you need to do is keep the Menders from buffing the statue. The spawn the previous room and will be marked with a ping on the mini-map when they spawn. The Menders can also be CC'd making this even easier. If they do reach the statue, they have to do a short cast to cast the buff giving some time to either interrupt or kill the Mender.

Don't Knock Yourself Out

For this achievement, you just need to not be Knocked Back or Knocked Down during the boss fight. Stability will be your friend here, but it is still doable without. There are three main things you will need to avoid: Spectral Flames, Cave-ins and the Not A Power Strike.

Spectral Flames

Spectral Flames are the floating balls of fire floating around the room, shown in the image above. There will only be a maximum of one Spectral Flame out at any time and they are immune to anything the players can do to an enemy. The Spectral Flame will always float in the direction of the character and explode when it gets close. There are two ways to deal with the Spectral Flames. You can run at the flames and time your dodge so that you cause the flame to explode but dodge the explosion damage, but this method seems a little inconsistent as the flame sometimes may not explode. The possibly better method is just to run away from the flame, since only one will be out at a time and the flame will dissipate after a while.


Not A Power Strike

Strike's Over

The last achievement requires the statue to be buffed by the Mender three times in a row. Each time the Mender buffs the statue, the statue will gain a buff causing it to receive less damage. The buff will run out after a while, which is why the buffs must be applied in a row. Once the statue has three buffs it will gain a secondary buff stating that his Power Strike is charged. After a short while he will cast the Power Strike which creates a wave that you need to jump over. The objective is to not be hit by the wave. Once you have avoided the wave, kill the statue to complete the acheivement. This achievement requires not to be hit by any Power Strikes, so once you avoid the first wave go back to killing the menders to prevent the statue from casting Power Strike again. Check the video below to see the animation of the Power Strike and an example of a successful avoidance of the wave.

Mordrem Problems

There are three Explorer achievements for Iron Marches that were added with The Dragon's Reach: Part 1. The first achievement, Mordrem Prolems, is to complete each of the 5 new Mordrem events in the Iron Marches. The first four events are part of this releases storyline and players will be guided to each through the story NPCs.
  1. Defeat the Gravelash and its cluster of tendrils.
  2. Coat yourself in Mordrem spores to baffle Mordrem defenses and gather samples from the vine chambers.
  3. Rescue the captured workers.
  4. Stop Mordrem from spreading corrupted tendrils in the Iron Marches.
The fifth event for this achievement is a single champion that is not required to progress the storyline:
  • [Group Event] Defeat the Mordrem champion.
This Champion will spawn west of the first event of the chain and is the source of the final two Iron Marches achievements: Bottoms Up and Toxicity Trampler.

Bottoms Up

The Mordrem champion has three attacks which I like to call Poison Well, Nectar Bloom and Tickled to Death. The Mordrem will alternate between Tickled to Death and either Poison Well and Nectar Bloom as along as someone is within the Trigger Zone (shown in an image below) while the champion is not casting Tickled to Death. The champion will spawn 4 Nectars at a time, of which every player may use all four. Each use will either remove poison or give a buff that grants immunity to the next application of poison. Using a Nectar while having this buff will still count as a use towards the Bottoms Up achievement. A total of 25 uses of nectars will finish the Bottoms Up achievement.

Toxicity Trampler

The last achievement is the trickiest of the three, as it requires the player to defeat the champion without getting poisoned throughout the fight. The two attacks that apply poison (and also do lots of damage) are Poison Well and Tickled to Death. Poison Well (pictured below) is a point-blank area-of-effect skill that looks like a red puddle. This skill will only sometimes happen when the champion is not casting Tickled to Death.

Tickled to Death has the champion rooting himself so that he can poke his roots up at players. This skill (as shown in an image above and the video below) has a minimum and maximum range. Players will need to stand inside or outside of the range of this skill so as not to be poisoned. As the video below shows, the champion will float up into the air before crashing down into the ground. It is while the champion is in the ground that he is casting Tickled to Death. Once the skill is done the champion will pop back out of the ground.

There are two ways to get this achievement. Players can either stay at range, attacking the champion without getting into range of the Tickled to Death skill. This might sound easy, but since most weapon skills max out at 1200 range players will be skirting the range of Tickled to Death. The other method is to learn the tells for Tickled to Death and stay within the minimum range of the skill while it is active, move away from the champion while it is not using Tickled to Death, then move back under its minimum range before it starts again.

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