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There are three achievements tied to the Meeting the Asura instance: Invisible Infiltration, Aggressive Infiltration and Unforgiving Infiltration. Invisible and Aggressive Infiltrations require opposing tactics to get through the instance. Therefore you must make at least 2 runs through the instance to get all three achievements. The last achievement, Unforgiving Infiltration, is the challenge mode achievement and can be completed at the same time as one of the other two.

There are 4 rooms with enemies in this instance after the opening guards are subdued. These rooms in order are the Asura Room, Golem Room, Asura+Golem Room and the Boss Room. Failing to complete any of the rooms in the manner for either Invisible or Aggressive will cause the achievement to fail and forcing you to restart.

Invisible Infiltration & Aggressive Infiltration

For Invisible Infiltration, you are trying to get through the instance without ever being detected. This means staying outside of the white field-of-view when performing an action (such as knocking out asura or opening the panel to a door) and outside of the orange circle surrounding golems. Aggressive infiltration is the opposite, where you must get caught in each room, kill everyone in the room and not die even once. This achievement is not for killing, killing is just what is necessary in order to finish the room and move on. In normal mode, the only enemies will be the enemies originally in the room, so it is beneficial to knock out as many Asuras as possible before getting caught, reducing the number of foes that will be attacking you.
Asura Room
You only need to knock out 3 of the Asuras: the Krewe Guard patrolling the center of the room, the Statics Researcher at the last table on the right and the Statics Researcher in front of the gate panel. Knock out each in that order, open the door and continue on. While the Krewe Guard doesn't need to be taken out, it makes failure all but impossible. The Asura you see are the Asura you will be fighting once the alarm sounds, so taking out as many as possible will help ensure your survival. It is possible to take out most of the Asura, leaving the two Statics Researchers that are facing each other to sound the alarm. Once the rest are knocked out, try to knock out one of these two (the other Asura will spot you and sound the alarm) kill the two Asura, activate the panel and move on.
Golem Room
This room has two gate panels. Once you trigger one gate panel, the roaming golem will make his way toward it to reset it. You must deactivate the 2nd panel before the golem repairs the first. Waiting until the golem is at the far end of the room will give plenty of time to cross over to the other panel and activate it. No prep for this room, just run into the golem's orange circle to sound the alarm. When sounded, the six golems around the edge of the room will activate and join the fight. These golems are just normal mobs and will die quickly enough. Once these six are dead, spamming Caithe's #1 skill will keep the veteran stun-locked. Finish it off, activate the two panels and move on.
Asura+Golem Room
It is possible to knock out all of the Asura in this room without triggering the alarm. Do this, as they can see the panels and therefor you when you try to activate them. Once again there are two panels, and the big golem in the middle of the room will move to shut the first one down before you can shut down the second. If you are having trouble, time the 2nd panel to go off while the golem is still at the 1st. This will give plenty of time to go back and shut down the first again to clear the room. Watch out for the two small golems which are pathing up and down the room. Again, clearing out the Asura will help give fewer enemies to fight. After knocking them out, step into any of the golems to sound the alarm. Once again there is one veteran and the two small golems are normal mobs. Finish the two small ones and stun-lock the veteran until he is dead. Once they are defeated, activate the two panels and move on.
Boss Room
Patience is the key here. You don't need to be super fast in shutting down the generators, so waiting until right after an Asura has turned away will ensure safety from being spotted. When it is time to knock out Vorpp, be careful again that the nearby Arcane Eye Agent doesn't spot you. After taking down Vorpp's shields and knocking him down to half health, he will once again activate the generators and his shields. This time, he spawns small golems to guard each generator. In the center of the room around the prison are 4 holding cell panels, one on each side of the square prison. Activating these will cause the two nearest golems to go investigate. While they are investigating, run around the the generators they just left vulnerable. Again, make sure not to be see by the Arcan EyE Agent nearby. Complete the story, talk to Marjory and the Invisible Infiltration achievement will pop. This room will be the make or break for this achievement as you will be fighting lots of mobs without the ability to knock some out first. Raise the alarm either by deactivating a generator while the nearby Arcane Eye Agent is looking or running close to one of the golems. This will cause all 8 Arcane Eye Agents and the handful of golems in the room to come attack you. The easiest way to ensure survival is to group all the enemies up and then lead them around the center of the room. This will keep you out of sight for any range attacks while you run away and let your heal and attack cooldowns reset. Once grouped up, use Caithe's #8 (caltrops with addtional torment) and #3 (leaping death blossom that evades while reflecting projectiles). Caithe's #2 skill can also be used, which does a good amount of damage to enemies in a line and puts a strong poison on them. After going through the rotation, Escape (Caithe's heal ability) to heal up and evade back away from the group and then Dash (Caithe's #7 ability) to run around to the far side of the room. The bleeding and torment will do an amazing amount of damage as they try to follow you, during which you will not be attacked due to line of sight. (See video below.) After 2 or 3 of these rotations all of the enemies will be killed. Take Vorpp down to half health, where he will reset the room. Do the same thing as the first wave, finish off Vorpp, talk to Marjory and the Aggressive Infiltrator achievement will pop.

Unforgiving Infiltration

This achievement is the challenge mode for this instance. It makes sneaking a little harder by speeding everything up just slightly. Asuras turn more and the golems deactivate the gate panels quickly. Additionally, if you trigger the alarm there will be additional mobs to fight in the room with more veterans. This achievement requires that you finish the instance without dying. With this in mind, sneaking being only barely more difficult and sneaking meaning you don't end up fighting makes it a good choice to get this achievement at the same time as Invisible Infiltration. That's it. Don't forget to activate challenge mode by interacting with the mote at the beginning (before starting Caithe's memory).
Coming Soon! Seeds of Truth added a new travel mechanic with Skritt Tunnels, a massive new Jumping Puzzle and new areas to explore complete with a new Lost Golden Badges to collect. Each of these addition had an associated achievement called Ambassador's Aid, Retrospective Runaround and Go for the Gold respectively.

Ambassador's Aid

The skritt will open up their tunnels for players to use, but only when they are in control of their outpost in the Northeast corner of the map at Picaroon Scratch ( [&BLAHAAA=] ). This achievement is to either help defend or recapture the outpost from the Bandits. Completing this achievement will reward you with the Boot Requisition Order, which grants the ability to buy Carapace Boot Boxes from the Bandit Crest merchants.

Retrospective Runaround

This achievement is just for completing the new Jumping Puzzle. The Jumping Puzzle starts Southwest of Drydock Grotto Waypoint ( [&BLoHAAA=] ). The Jumping Puzzle itself is very lengthy, and at times challenging. To aid players there are two fallback mechanics. The first, which is always active, are skritt that will revive players who fell far enough to die from falling damage. The second mechanic involves the 9 checkpoints spread throughout the puzzle. There are skritt tunnel entrances most places players could fall. By default these tunnels will take players back to the Drydock Grotto Waypoint, but giving gold to the skritt standing outside these tunnels will give a buff (that lasts for 1 hour) allowing you to use the tunnels to return to checkpoints.
  • Giving a gold will make skritt tunnels return you to your last achieved checkpoint.
  • Giving a silver will make skritt tunnels return you to the checkpoint before your last achieved checkpoint.
  • Giving a copper will make skritt tunnels return you to the the 3rd from the last checkpoint acquired.
Getting the silver buff is very beneficial for completing the JP, while the gold buff will help getting some of the tougher Lost Golden Badges that are found within the JP. Check the video below for a full walkthrough of the JP.
To open the chest at the end of the JP, you must get the three key pieces from the nearby suspicious rubble. Depending on how long it has been since someone opened the chest, a veteran skritt burglar might spawn that you must defeat before getting loot from the chest. Completing the achievement will reward you with the Endless Skritt Burglar Tonic, while the final chest has a chance for the unique Welding Torch torch skin.

Go for the Gold

Like the Lost Badges from Episode 5, Echoes of the Past, there are more badges hidden throughout the new additions to the map for players to find. Most of these badges are found within the new Jumping Puzzle which covers much of the map. You can look for them as the Brown POI icons on the Mattsta.Ninja Silverwastes Map or by using the buttons below.

Luminescent Leggings
Luminescent Footwear
Fine Wining

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