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Making Weaver Fun and Accessible

The idea behind the Weaver utilizing 2 attunements at once is superb and offers lots of fun gameplay and build potential. The problem with the Weaver is it feels unresponsive, and it has become even more difficult to remember everything you need to do when you are constantly shifting between front and back skills at a 4 second interval. With only a month left before the release of PoF, realistically not much can be changed.

Elite Specs are often designed in order to offer classes the ability to function in similar roles or play styles as other classes. I believe it was the original intention of the Weaver’s design to slow the switching of attunements in order to have it feel more like a traditional Guild Wars 2 class that is limited in its number of available weapon abilities, thus channeling the player to choose builds that focus on particular gameplay roles (dps, support, survivability) rather than the current elementalist which is able to do all things at once.

The problem with the current longer attunement intervals is not so much the design, but rather the implementation. Longer intervals between attunement swapping can be an interesting trade off, but it must feel good. The player must feel like they are getting something in return for the change. With all of this in mind, I offer the following changes:


What Should Change

  1. All attunements after swapping should have a 8 second cooldown before another attunement switch. Both attunements can be selected one after the other at the same time.

    The current Weaver design requires you wait 4 seconds between swapping half of your weapon skill bar and attunement. This suggestion would place an 8 second cooldown on all attunements after swapping. You would be able to choose 2 attunements at a time or press the same attunement twice if you desire to have just one selected. This would be more simple for players to understand and would feel more in tune with how other classes currently play. Typical classes have 10 seconds on weapon swap and this system would reduce the barrier of entry for players that are used to that.

  2. Grant 5 secs of alacrity on attunement swap

    To compensate for any loss in skill availability from reduced attunement swapping and offer interesting gameplay choices.

  3. Allow both chosen Attunement effects to be active at the same time

    Currently only one attunement is had at a time, but in order to have the payoff of reduced attunement swapping, allowing for both attunements to be active is a rewarding way to increase build diversity. Many traits offer benefits for your current attunement and allowing both attunements to be active would greatly incentivize the choice to focus on prefered attunements and increase the payoff of focusing on desired trait lines.


The Pros

  • Greater build diversity, but also easily balanced
  • Lowers the barrier of entry from players that play other classes
  • Fixes the clunkiness of the current 4sec global attunement cooldown
  • Allows Elementalists to become specialists rather than “Jack of all trades, masters of none”

The Cons

  • Would play very differently from current elementalist rotations
  • Would decrease the elementalists ability to do everything (dps, tank, heal, support)
  • Greater risk/reward gameplay (could be viewed as a pro)


The current status of the Weaver is not as enjoyable as it could be. Much work has already gone into it (awesome work btw) and with a month left until release, realistically only small changes can be made. It is my hope that these suggestions will offer a solution to the Weaver’s downfalls in a manner that still maintains the balance of the game yet offers enjoyable, dynamic choices and payoffs.


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