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Lunar New Year Achievements

Most of the Lunar New Year achievements this year are focused around Dragon Ball. These include completing matches, collecting various upgrades and health around the map and interrupting enemies. Outside of Dragon Ball there are two festival achievements with Light up the Sky and Firecracker Finder.

Firecracker Finder

This achievement needs you to go and find all 10 of the firecrackers found around the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach. These reset daily—as there is a daily festival achievement to use 5 of these firecrackers—so it is best to do all 10 within a single day. You can find a map that shows the location of each firecracker as well as a video below. Note that this patch adds gliding in core Tyria, making some of these much easier to acquire. Gliding is not required however, as long as one has access to your profession’s falling damage reduction trait.

Light up the Sky

This achievement requires players to shoot off 100 total fireworks. While the achievement specifically mentions Lunar New Year fireworks, any fireworks that is a bundle item will count toward this achievement. One option is to go to Rata Sum and buy a fireworks bundle for 32 copper from Pyromaster Zarrt, which will let players finish this achievement in a quick and easy manner.

Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Club

This collection will have players savoring a collection of brews year round. Each month after players first enter one of the major cities, they will receive that month’s brew in their mail. These brews however, are only sent to members of the club. To sign up for the club—and unlock this new collection—players will need to go talk to Master Brewer Desch at the Eldvin Monastery in Queensdale. Membership to this club will incur a one-time fee of 10g. Completing this collection—which will take all year as long as players stay active with the game—will reward a new backpack (shown below) and the Finely Crafted title.

The Shatterer

None of the achievements for the Shatterer seem all too difficult. The only one that might be a challenge—and is also the only achievement requiring the use of gliding—is Lightning Reflexes. This achievement requires you to dodge the Shatterer’s Focused Lightning attack 40 times total while gliding. I so far have done this 3 times by complete fluke. Most of the rest look to be fairly easy, though having gliding will make some easier purely by not having to worry about other players already being on mortars and turrets to do achievements like Medic! which has you throwing med kits to allies. The meta-achievement requires completing 10 of the 11 achievements, so players without gliding will still be able to complete the meta. Some of the other achievements will require teamwork, such as No-Fly Zone requiring players to break the Shatterer’s Defiance bar 20 times.

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