Divinity's Gliders

Gliding in Tyria

Gliding is coming to Central Tyria! ArenaNet released a blog post today giving a few more details about how players will be able to glide out in the original vanilla maps.

Any player that has unlocked basic gliding will be able to open their glider in the core maps in the same way they glide in the Heart of Thorns maps. Additionally, unlocking the Lean Techniques or Advanced Gliding will make these upgrades available in central Tyria. The upgrades that won’t get any love in the core maps are updrafts and ley line gliding as the original maps were made without these in mind and the studio didn’t want to make too many changes to them. With that in mind, there are going to be no updrafts or ley lines for players to use in the core maps.

While the studio didn’t add these mechanics to enable gliding, they did add some to the maps to prevent gliding. Players will potentially run into No-Fly Zones that will prevent glider use. Gliding into these areas will prompt the player about the No-Fly status of the area and request they turn back. Those who don’t turn back will find themselves falling fast as their glider completely cuts out on them. The blog post specifically mentions jumping puzzles saying that gliding will be prevented in “sensitive areas like the ends of jumping puzzles to prevent skipping content.”

I am hoping that the No-Fly Zones are a prop that the developers created and then placed in the world to create this effect. While the exact method they used doesn’t matter for the open world maps, a No-Fly prop is something that could potentially be added as a decoration for the guild hall. I have made a couple somewhat small jumping puzzles in my guild’s hall and one of the concerns when making these are that there are places players can glide to the finish, making it seem like they finished the puzzle without them actually doing the jumping. Having a No-Fly prop could be a lot of fun, and ambitious players could go about doing crazy things in and around the entire guild hall and not just a climb to its higher reaches.

I am definitely excited for gliding the core areas and glad that the studio didn’t forget about jumping puzzles in the process. Plus, there is still that line from yesterday’s press release hinting that the Shatterer upgrade might benefit from some glider use:

Redesigned Shatterer boss fight – New achievements, upgraded reward chests and the ability to use gliders in battle are just some of the improvements coming to this epic open world boss.

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