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Guild Hall - Treasury
Dara Potocska

Hey guys,

We have the issue in our system and the team is still looking to identify a fix.

An additional question for you all:

  • If you have the ability to check this at a different location, does this issue happen (ie: if you have the issue at home, but then don’t at a friend’s home, or school)?
    • If it worked in a new location, were you using the same machine or a different machine?

Also, since I’ve not seen any of you mention trying a few troubleshooting things that come to mind, could you guys give the two things below a try? The guild halls use the same UI tech as the Gemstore and Trading Post. And what may potentially help is to run the game as administrator or to clear the cache for the game (in case something weird has happened to your caches).

Run as administrator:____________________________
To run Gw2 as administrator right click on the game and select “Run as administrator” from the drop down. This will open the game in administrator.

Clearing the Cache:____________________________

  1. Close the game client
  2. Open explorer and go to your c drive.
  3. In “search local disk” search for “gw2cache”
  4. When the search completes, a folder with a name like: [gw2cache-{B3601E0B-C97D-1C9C-081E-60B37DC99C1C}] should be shown (with an address similar to “C:\Users\YourComputerUserName\AppData\Local\Temp”)
  5. Delete that folder in your results.
  6. Start up the game and return to your guild hall to access the UI.
    I’ve tossed in a screenshot of the search part in case folks want to see the file, etc.

Thank you all for your patience while we try to hunt the cause of this issue down!

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