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There are three achievements for the Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad instance: Not Under My Command, Recon Demolitionist and No Thanks to Canach. Even though Recon Demolitionist and No Thanks to Canach sound counter to each other, it is possible to complete all three achievements in a single run of this instance.

Not Under My Command

For this achievement you can't let either of the two NPCs die that start the instance with you. This achievement is only for the first half of the instance. Once you meet up with Caithe and clear out the Mordrem attacking her the two NPCs will disappear and you will have completed what is necessary for this achievement. The NPCs that are part of Caithe's squad do not count against this achievement. The actual achievement however, will not pop until the end of the instance.


There are two ways of completing this achievement. The first and more difficult method is to complete this solo. This is best done with a high damage build that can quickly clear the Mordrem wolves you will be fighting in the first half of the instance. There are multiple pack of 3-4 wolves throughout the canyon. The best method is to kill each pack one at a time, slowly clearing your way through the canyon. The video below shows a good method of dealing with an individual pack.

In the video, you will see a Warrior just using mainhand Axe attacks. He starts the engagement off with Axe 3, a ranged attack to draw the pack to him. He then dodge rolls through the pack to get to the other side of them as they are charging in. This ensures that the NPC allies are behind the wolves while they are fighting the Warrior so that they don't get hit by any attacks as the warrior kills the pack.
With the Solo method, you cannot die during the first half of the instance. If you die, the wolves that killed you will turn on the NPCs, killing them and voiding the achievement.


The team method involves taking two or more players into the instance. The NPCs will follow whoever started the instance, including standing still if the instance leader stays back at the beginning. While the instance leaders and NPCs stay back, the rest of the party moves forward and kills the Mordrem Wolf packs. This ensures the NPCs are nowhere near the fight and are safe from being killed.
The Mordrem attacking Caithe's party are always invulnerable until the instance leader gets close to the fight. The instance leader will therefore need to inch close to Caithe's party to move the instance along. Luckily, the trigger distance is far enough away that the leader can trigger Caithe's group and still be able to pull the friendly NPCs back. After clearing Caithe's Mordrem, the friendly NPCs will disappear and the leader can join the group to finish the rest of the instance.
Because the instance leader is always alive, any other players who die will not get the option to revive at a checkpoint. If you are doing this with only one other person, this requires the leader and NPCs to enter the battle for at least the pack that killed the other player. Doing this method with a larger party might be more beneficial in these cases.

Recon Demolitionist & No Thanks to Canach

Both of these achievements involve planting mines in the dead Mordrem Husks littered throughout the instance and marked on the mini-map with an orange wrench. To complete all three acheivements in one run, you must start with No Thanks to Canach which requires you to not lay a single mine. At the end of the instance, the achievement will pop for No Thanks to Canach. Instead of entering the copter that is there to pick you up, make your way back through the now empty instance planting all of the mines to get Recon Demolitionist.
There are four achievements for the Hidden Arcana instance, one for each of the four bosses. At each of the bosses locations, there is a challenge mote that will reset the current boss (even if it was already defeated). If you fail one of the achievements, simply interacting with the mote will let you try again. Because of these motes, some of the acheivements can be made easier by going into the instance with a party and having one person not try for the achievement the first attempt then switching on a second attempt. Each achievement is personally considered, so some party members could get any of the following achievements while others still fail.

Strength Without Sacrifice

This achievement is while fighting the Facet of Strength right after entering Glint's Lair. There are two attacks that need to be avoided. The first is a leap that will create a good sized orange AoE where it will stun anyone remaining inside it. The other attack is the pull attack which is preceded by the facet doing a pointing animation. The facet will do the stun attack more often if the target is in melee range and the pull more often to targets at range. However, it seems that it will still do the other attack occasionally.
I personally find that attacking the facet at range and watching for the pull to be easier than attacking in just melee. This is made even easier if in a party where one person can tank the boss. If doing this solo, the boss also has a tendency to aggro on any AI the player brings with them such as Mesmer clones and Ranger pets. It also appears that the pull will only target players to the sides and in front of the boss, so keeping at range directly behind the boss is a safe zone. If standing here be careful, as it will be harder to see the animation making it easy to fail if the boss turns before casting the pull.

Better Red Than Dead

This achievement is for the second boss. This boss can only be attacked while a player is standing inside the large AoE around the boss and players can only stand in the AoE while they have the protective bubble buff. This buff is gained by killing the adds, which will buff the player with a color upon death. Once you have the color buff, running into the same color light beams will grant you the shield. For this achievement you can be buffed with any color throughout the fight, but you can only use the red color buff to gain the shield. A while after an add is killed, another one will spawn. For this achievement you are killing the adds until you get buffed red again to be able to go in and kill the boss. This involves a lot of waiting as the other two colors will come but cannot be used.
This achievement can be sped up by a party taking turns and resetting the boss. For example, Player 1 could use any color while Player 2 only uses red. This will give Player 2 the achievement upon the boss being killed. The boss can then be reset with Player 2 using any color and Player 1 only using red.

Exposed Weaknesses

This achievement is for the third boss, the Facet of Darkness. This facet can only be killed by destroying the surrounding vortex crystals, which in turn can only be killed while they have the fragility debuff that the boss spawns and the player collects and transfers to the vortex crystals. For this achievement, you will start the fight as normal collecting the fragile buff and destroying a vortex crystal. After this, you will continue to collect Fragility and transfer them to the vortex crystals but not destroy them. The boss will continue to spawn the Fragility and you will transfer them until every vortex crystal has a Fragility on it. At this point, it is simply killing all of the vortex crystals within 15 seconds.
NOTE: If in a group, every party member must destroy at least one vortex crystal to personally get credit for this achievement.

Exposed Weaknesses: Redux

The vortex crystals are back for the final boss. In addition to absorbing the Fragility, they also will absorb buffs you currently have on you. For this achievement you don't want to have them absorb any buffs. This is really easy as long as you don't use any skills or traits that apply boons. Since attacking vortex crystals are the only thing you are attacking, you only will need to use the auto attack skill on your main weapon. As for traits, if worried you could just use no traits at all for this fight. Again, you aren't really fighting anything and don't need them. The only class that might have a problem is Guardian, with its built in Aegis. Popping Virtue of Courage (WARNING: This applies Aegis to everyone nearby. Be careful if in a party!) and "wasting" the Aegis on a boss attack will prevent vortex crystal accidents.
There are 16 achievements for The Silverwastes, and all of them are fairly simple and straightforward. The only achievements that will take some time and luck are killing four legendary monsters that randomly (and somewhat rarely) spawn around the map.

4 Defender Achievements

There are four defender achievements for the four forts around the map: Blue Oasis, Red Rock Bastion, Indigo Cave and Amber Sandfall. Get credit for a full defense event at one of the forts for these achievements.

Breach Bosses

Once the Pact Assault is ready (indicated by a bar in the meta event UI), the Breach will occur. This opens up a hole in each of the four forts that players can jump down into. Inside the hole are 5 bosses (2 bosses under Indigo Cave, but they count as a single achievement). The same bosses always appear under the same forts:
  • Iron is under Amber Sandfall
  • Platinum is under Blue Oasis
  • Copper is under Red Rock Bastion
  • Silver and Gold are under Indigo Cave
While this might sound difficult, for these achievements you don't even need to kill these bosses. As long as you kill the boss or are still attacking it when the Breach timer ends you will get credit. It is recommended to use Experimental Mordrem Extration Devices (one received by mail each time a character enters The Silverwastes for the first time, more available from Bandit Crest Merchants) while doing this achievement as killing one of these bosses (or be attacking it when time runs out) with this item's buff on will give a plant organ that is needed for a new collection and can be sold for 25 bandit crests.

Legendary Bosses

These bosses spawn at random times, but only while the Pact is in control of the nearby fort. There are four bosses for each of the four forts:
  • Amber Sandfall: The Executioner
  • Blue Oasis: The Tormentor
  • Red Rock Bastion: The Annihilator
  • Indigo Cave: The Demolisher
In addition to an achievement for each boss, there is also The Be-All and the End-All achievement for having killed all four. All five of these achievements come with titles.

Silverwastes Shoveler

There are Lost Badit Chests located throughout the The Silverwastes. For this achievement, you just need to use a shovel to dig one of these chests up. Silverwastes Shovels are semi-rare rewards from completing any event in The Silverwastes. In addition, players will receive shovels as rewards while completing the Echoes of the Past story instances. Each shovel is a one time use consumable that equips a shovel with two weapons. The first skill is used to dig up a chest once found. The second skill is a sonar used to find the chests. If a chest is nearby when used, the sonar will create a glowing green line to any nearby chests. If you don't want to run around using the sonar, the Mattsta.Ninja Silverwastes Map has many of the chest locations already marked. Once at a location, you are looking for a small mound of sand to dig at.

Mercantile Mercenary

Near the Northern exit out of Camp Resolve is an NPC called Mercenary Requisitioner. Most of the time he will have a collection event running to easily identify him. He is collecting Bandit Crests to bring services (such as Bank and Trading Post NPCs) to the map. This achievement requires you to donate 25 Bandit Crests. If this achievement wasn't any easier, the NPC has an option to donate 25 Bandit Crests.

Lost Badges

Like the Lost Coins in Dry Top, there are badges hidden throughout the map for players to find. Most of these badges are laying on the ground floor around the map, but some can be in some well hidden places. You can look for them as the Blue POI icons on the Mattsta.Ninja Silverwastes Map or by using the buttons below.

Luminescent Shoulderguard
Bandit Weapons Specialist

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