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Gates of Maguuma

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There are three achievements for the Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands instance: No One Left Behind, No Shocks Here and A Shocking Development. The later two achievements (No Shocks Here and A Shocking Development) are both tied to the final, golem boss of the instance.

No One Left Behind

For this achievement you can't let either of the two NPC workers die part way through the instance. When the combat starts, you will need to defend the northern and eastern lanes. After this, the two NPCs will run over to start building barricades at the end of each of these lanes. This achievement is incredibly easy, as you can stand part way down the lane and aggro any inquest long before they reach the NPCs.

No Shocks Here & A Shocking Development

Both of these achievements are during the boss fight and involve the Static Discharge skill, where the golem squats down, spins and shoots out electrical projectiles. While both of the achievements are connected to the same mechanic and could be done in the same run, it is recommended not to try doing these at the same time as A Shocking Development will put you in the path to potentially fail No Shocks Here.

No Shocks Here

For this achievement you are simply avoiding being hit by any of the Static Discharge projectiles. Staying at range will help immensely as the projectiles will fan out, giving more room to avoid the projectiles in addition to the additional time to see and dodge any close projectiles as they are not a fast moving projectile. In addition to this, getting the minion golem between you and the boss will help as the minions will absorb these projectiles if hit.

A Shocking Development

This achievement requires you to use the boss's minions against him. To do this, you need to get the minions hit by the Static Discharge skill the boss does, which will charge up the minions. The boss will do a shield skill, where it squats down and creates a big, blue bubble around it. You need to lead the charged minions into the bubble, which will cause the boss to absorb the charge back from the minions and giving it a buff stack for each charge absorbed. Keep doing this until the boss has 8 stacks to complete the achievement. It is helpful to stay close to the boss for this achievement, especially during Static Discharge so that as many minions as possible are able to absorb charges.
There are three achievements for the Fallen Hopes instance: No Rock Unturned, Zephyr's Ascent and Zephyr's Leap. No Rock Unturned is for finding and destroying Inquest equipment hidden throughout most of the instance while both of the Zephyr achievements are tied to the jumping puzzle that is contained within the instance. All three achievements can be completed at the end of the instance.

No Rock Unturned

There are four Inquest equipment hidden in the instance. For this achievement you simply need to kill all four. A valid tactic is to complete the instance normally, killing all of the enemies along the way before running back through and killing the equipment with no fear of enemies attacking you or knocking you off ledges. The video below shows the location of each of the Inquest equipment.

Zephyr's Ascent

This achievement is to reach the highest point in the instance, which just happens to be the jumping puzzle. Unlike the jumping puzzle outside of the instance, you will not have access to Zephyrite crystals to help you ascend to the top. Check the video below for the path to reach the top.

Zephyr's Leap

This achievement has you channeling your inner Assassin and leaping from the highest point safely into a Pile of Hay below. Check the video above to see how to reach the top as well as where to jump to land in the pile of hay. If you miss the Pile of Hay you can restart from checkpoint, but will have to climb back up to the top to retry the jump.
There are three achievements for the Cornered instance: Dashed Advantage, Explosive Avoidance and Opportune Moment.

Dashed Advantage

This achievement has you searching for a secret passage to secure extra crystals. This happens during the final room of the boss fight. At approximately 50% health left, Aerin will bunker down requiring you to pick up a sun crystal to dash into him. Instead of doing this, you want to pick up a couple of air crystals and a sun crystal and jump up to a secluded passage. At the end of this passage is a wall with the sun crystal logo on it. Dashing through this wall will teleport you to a secret room full of Inquest and a Golem carrying a box. In order to get this achievement, you must kill the golem before it walks across the room and through the barrier. There is no rush to getting to the room, as the golem doesn't start walking until you enter, but crowd-control skills like knock-downs or cripple and chill will help give more time to kill the golem once there. Once you have defeated the golem, clear the room of Inquest, pick up the box to unload the crystals and the achievement will pop.

Explosive Avoidance

For this achievement you are avoiding any of the orange telegraphs throughout the instance. This includes the small bombs he throws during every encounter and the large barrel bombs during the final room. The small bombs are easy to avoid, while I found that standing on the center, starting platform in the final room to be the easiest way to avoid the barrel bombs.

Opportune Moment

This achievement happens halfway through the instance. After clearing the first room and opening the passage you will fight a wave of Mordrem. After defeating these a lightning crystal will appear on the right side around a corner. Pick this up and use it to jump across the gap on the right. Once across, use a long-range weapon to hit Aerin and the achievement will pop.
There are 9 achievements for Prospect Valley area of Dry Top. They range in difficulty and include a range of play such as Jumping Puzzles, finding hidden items and defeating a boss in a certain way.

Buried Treasure: Prospect Valley

There are two phases to Dry Top: Crash Site and Sandstorm. The map resets at the top of every hour with Crash Site lasting for the first 40 minutes and the Sandstorm lasting the final 20 minutes of the hour. During the sandstorm, Locked Buried Chests will spawn around the map. Open three of these with a Zephyrite Lockpick (obtained from completing story instances and from Geode merchants) to complete this achievement.

Coin Collector: Prospect Valley

There are 30 Lost Coins hidden throughout the map for players to find. You can look for them as the Green POI icons on the Mattsta.Ninja Dry Top Map or by using the buttons below.

Legendary Llama Locator

This achievement has you finding the hidden Legendary Llama in Prospect Valley. It is located in the Abandoned Mine ( [&BHsHAAA=] ) which is only open during the events that take place within the mine and after they are successfully completed. To reach the Llama you will need to use the Aspect crystals in the cave. The video below shows where to go to reach the Llama.

Prospect Valley Crash Site Climber

This is the achievement for completing Dry Top's Jumping Puzzle. If you are going after the Coin Collector achievement, you will complete this achievement at the same time that you find Lost Coin 6. The video below shows you how to ascend to the top.
While you are at the top, you can also complete the next achievement Dive Master.

Dive Master: Prospect Valley

For this achievement, you need to jump with the diving goggles on from the top of the Jumping Puzzle into a small pool of water far below. While not too hard, this is probably the most frustrating of the achievements as missing the pool will require the somewhat annoying ascend back to the diving goggles.
Note: It is highly recommended to have Swiftness applied before you pick up the goggles and jump.

Llama Drama

There is a Skritt Burglar that randomly spawns on the map. Like all other Skritt Burglars in Guild Wars 2, a chest will appear on the map that once open will spawn the Skritt Burglar. While the Skritt Burglar is running away it will throw potions at nearby players, turning them into Llamas. Get turned into a Llama to get this achievement.

Hit and Run

This achievement is tied to the event "Race against the Inquest to collect crystal shards for the Zephyrites" that spawns at the top of the hour, at the quarter hour and at the half hour. This event occurs at the Flatland Wastes ( [&BHIHAAA=] ) and involves running crystals on kites back to your goal before the Inquest can gather them. If an Inquest picks them up, you can force them to drop the crystal by using crowd-control abilities (such as fear, knockbacks and immobilize). For this achievement, you need to pick up a rock laying on the ground and throw it at an Inquest carrying a crystal, knocking them down and forcing them to drop the crystal. Only Inquest Technicians will pick up crystals.

Quicksand Survivor

Next to Prosperity Waypoint ( [&BHoHAAA=] ) there is a river of quicksand. Standing in this quicksand river will causing continual ticks of damage that will kill players if they stay in the river for too long. For this achievement, you need to survive 10 seconds of standing in the river. While this might sound easy, the river does 12% of your HP every tick (which comes out to death in about 8 seconds). Having low vitality (which can be gained by taking off your armor/trinkets) will make your heal skill more efficient as the 12% from the river will be lower due to your lower total HP. Then using a couple good sources of healing will get you this achievement. This could be from powerful Regeneration, blasting water fields or traits that heal such as Guardian's Monk's Focus which makes Meditation skills heal and Mesmer's Restorative Mantras which makes Mantras heal when charged. The river will still do damage to you through skills that negate damage or give invulnerability.

Sparring Rock Master

For this achievement you need to defeat Nochtli without being knocked off the sparring platform. Nochtli will do attacks of various size wedges and circles, all of which appear as the bright orange telegraphs and will knock you off the rock if they hit. The biggest concern is when Nochtli does his big circle attack that covers the whole rock, as the smaller attacks can be avoided for the most part. Dodge or time your jump to avoid this big circle attack. Alternatively, having good sources of blind and stability will make the attacks miss or allow you to be hit without being knocked off. The simplest method is to get this achievement while with a zerg, as the attacks will only hit so many players and potentially allowing you to get through the fight unscathed.
Scrying Pool Feature

Scrying Pool: Mounts

Note: This article was originally released on and has been re-hosted here on Mattsta.Ninja.

Welcome back to the second article of my Guild Wars 2 column: The Scrying Pool. If you missed the first article you can still find it here. You can read about the mysterious Sylvari and what stories could come to pass.

In the first article I said that I have no insider information, a statement that I want to make clear during these first few articles, and that nothing here is destined to come to Guild Wars 2. Also mentioned is that this column will be taking a “What If” look at lore and story, as in the first article, but also at game mechanics which is what this article will focus on.

Last week ArenaNet released January’s content patch teaser page. As with all of the teaser pages so far, a new concept art was released related to the new content. The story behind the Flame & Frost series is a group Charr and Norn refugees displaced by some unknown disaster in the north. As such the concept art depicts a large group of people along with horses and pack animals laden with belongings leaving their homes in a convoy.

This concept art caught the eye of some of the community who starting crying that this was proof that mounts were coming to Guild Wars 2. In the foreground you can see a horse and Norn which players thought was concept depicting a mounted Norn. ArenaNet developers and community managers took to the forums to quash these rumors of mounts.

If there are no plans for mounts, why is there a mounted Norn in the concept art? Some wrote that ArenaNet is trying to keep mounts secret and others claimed artist’s interpretation, but further inspection of the concept art revealed that the Norn isn’t even mounted. The only piece of evidence to mounts coming to Guild Wars 2 isn’t actually evidence at all.

 With the only evidence gone and ArenaNet stating that no mounts are planned, will we ever see mounts in Tyria? Well no, probably not. But could there be a place for mounts in Guild Wars 2? Maybe, but it wouldn’t be your typical mount system.

Most games that have mounts either launched with them already implemented or were designed with the plan that mounts would be added post-launch. Guild Wars 2 did not have mounts in at launch and there are still no plans to add them five months after launch.

This does not rule out mounts, but since none of the zones and mob densities was set up to allow for mounts it could lead to problems both mechanically and from a game play perspective. Sure events and mob density can be adjusted (with a good chunk of man-hours), but changing entire map terrain just to allow mounts is a lot of work. Some of you may be thinking that the maps wouldn’t need to change, but imagine trying to ride a mount through the rocky terrain in Lornar’s Pass.

To give an example, World of Warcraft added flying mounts with the Burning Crusade expansion. There is a distinct difference in the size of the maps between Vanilla and BC to accommodate this new flying transportation, a size which has carried over to every each expansion since. It wasn’t until Cataclysm changed Vanilla that players were able to fly through those zones. The Vanilla maps were not designed for flying mounts so they were originally kept out of those zones.

Some of you may be getting where I’m going with this. If World of Warcraft could design the new expansion maps to accommodate flying mounts, why couldn’t Guild Wars 2 do the same with some expansion down the road?

They could, but then players would probably complain how the Vanilla maps can’t have mounts and try to convince the devs to allow them there. That would just bring this full circle to the problems of adding mounts to the current maps. So adding the ability to use mounts to every new zone would not be ideal, but what if there were only certain maps that would allow mounts?

One of the regions where players expect to eventually see mounts is the Crystal Desert. While this zone won’t be completely sand filled, you could probably imagine it having large expanses of dunes and desert plains. This open area would be the perfect setting for a mount to run free.

Some of you may be thinking “why would I invest in a mount, maybe even pay for special gem shop mount skins, if we can only use them on certain maps?” Well, I wouldn’t have the players actually owning the mounts.

Having mounts in Guild Wars 2 in their traditional speed increasing forms would be a replacement for the current modes of transportation within a map: Waypoints. One of the things besides transportation that waypoints function as is a gold sink, a system set up with the purpose of removing gold from the game. If mounts are added in a buy once and forget it fashion, that continuous gold sink would be mostly removed in that area. So, to keep a gold sink active with this new transportation, I would have players rent the mounts instead of buy them.

In this system, players would find an illegible map has waypoints only near the portals that lead to the surrounding maps. These allow for quick travel out of the map and to the stables where mounts are rented. The rest of the map would not have a single waypoint, as travel would be done primarily through these rented mounts. As for the cost of the mounts, there are two ways it could be approached: have the mounts cost a large sum to account for any waypoint travel that would have originally happened under the waypoint only system or have the cost to rent a mount be low but add an attrition mechanic to them.

To give some quick and dirty examples for cost, with the high cost approach maybe you pay 10-12 silver and keep it while you are within the map. The problem with this is a player could rent a mount then receive an invitation to a dungeon, or dragon event, or some other group activity with friends. That player would then have to decide if he/she wants to go play with friends or not waste that just paid 10-12 silver, a decision that a player should never have to make. With the attrition method maybe the mount is only 1 silver to rent, but every 10 minutes the mount needs to eat some mount food that you pick up from the stable for like 30 copper each. With this players are not forced into remaining in a single map to make full use of the mount, but pay for the time they use.

The mount itself would then be part of the world, not something you magically pull out of your bag. When not mounted it would follow you much like horses in the Elder Scrolls game. The difference is I wouldn’t make the mounts part of combat; they wouldn’t fight your enemy and likewise would be immune to damage. It sucks finally buying your horse in Skyrim just to see it die to that stupid Frost Troll. Just to keep them out of the way, I would design it so that whenever the player enters combat the horse stops following. This way the player can move away from the horse so that it doesn’t get in their line of sight and possibly making the combat harder. Players would also have the option to make the mount stop following, which would be useful when starting a jumping puzzle.

So how would ArenaNet monetize this because let’s be honest, after the rage over the Sparkle Pony died down Blizzard was found standing on a mountain of gold. I don’t, however, see players wanting to pay $25 for a mount that would only work in a handful of maps. What would work are items that are not just the mounts. For example, the recently released Riding Broom could be a mount in addition to the town clothes item. In every area the broom would function as it does now, nothing more than a cosmetic item. When a character that either has the broom equipped or in his/her inventory talks to the stable’s NPC, the NPC could give the option to rent the standard mount or the riding broom. Owners of the broom would still need to pay the rental fee which would allow them to ride the broom in their armor and have the same movement speed increase they would gain from the normal mount.

With this type of system in place, players would get to have their spiffy mount and also get to show off their purchase in the other areas of the game. Also if it is possession of an item that allows the renting of different mount skins, then anything could potentially be a mount. Maybe ArenaNet makes a Toy Horse that players could play with while wearing town clothes that makes the same horse model available for riding. Likewise a mini-pet could unlock the full size version as a mount from the NPC.

To circle back to the beginning, with a limited mount system like this even some of the Vanilla maps could be converted to mount capable should the developers decide to do so. While maps like Lornar’s Pass wouldn’t really work, there are a couple maps that are open enough to allow mounts access. As I said before, even these maps would require some work which makes it less likely for it to happen.

It may not happen, but having mounts can be a fun way to show off even if they don’t offer any speed boost and having an item unlock system gives a neat way to carry your mount with you and show it off. I also think it could be good for the community. One advantage of this stable system is that every player would need to pass through one or two stables to pick up a mount. This gives a random encounter point for meeting other players that you don’t really get with the waypoint system that takes players anywhere they need to go. Even with a traditional mount system where you summon your mount you don’t get this point of interaction to encounter other players. Players could be anywhere in a map, but with this system you know anyone currently on the map or that will come to the map came or will come through one of these stables.

So to wrap it all up: Could mounts work in Guild Wars 2? If they would work in GW2 would they work everywhere including Vanilla, only the new expansion areas or limited to only certain areas altogether? And lastly, if you could have any mount what would it be and what item would unlock it?