A New Shatterer Approaches

ArenaNet continues their week of news by releasing yet another blog post. Today, it is all about the Shatterer that is seeing some big improvements in the Winter 2016 update.

The Shatterer is one of the first things that was shown of Guild Wars 2 as it was used in the earliest convention betas. The world boss however, has been one of the weakest, most disappointing experiences for a long time. That the Shatterer is a massive dragon only made its pitiful state worse. The Winter 2016 patch—coming out January 26—will help to rectify this as ArenaNet is making this dragon a force to be reckoned with.

A large part of this world boss encounter has been the ability to ignore most of the boss’s abilities. Standing in certain places would enable players to completely avoid attacks while other abilities were so weak that players never had to worry about them. As such, most of the rework to the Shatterer revolves around making players more engaged during the fight.

Much like the wyverns in the jungle, the Shatterer is getting a new Defiance Bar to prevent him going into one of his other phases. The phase in question makes the Shatterer take to the skies, summon allies and launch lightning attacks on players. Breaking the defiance bar will keep the dragon firmly rooted and prevent a lot of the damage from this phase.

Defiance Bars are also getting added to the Pulsing Crystal Nodes that spawn to heal the Shatterer. Players will need to break these bars before they are able to destroy the nodes, which will be important as they will now heal a significant amount of health if not destroyed.

In regards to all of the safe zones around the boss, many of the Shatterer’s skills are being updated to have a wider attack radius, longer range, will shoot in more directions and include more projectiles or targets in their attacks. Additionally, all of the Shatterer’s Branded friends have been beefed up to stack a bunch of conditions and CC.

However, It is not just the enemies that have come back stronger. With the addition of gliding in core Tyria, players will be able to take to the skies and drop ordnance atop the crystal dragon. The siege near the fight has also been updated to make it easier to use and help break defiance bars.

A new meta-achievement is being added that rewards a new Branded back-slot item. Most of these achievements are said to be things that players will naturally do in order to succeed, so exist more to point out what players need to do and less to be challenges to complete. For regular rewards, players will get 2 guaranteed rares and a large chunk of experience for defeating the Shatterer. Additionally, players will also be able to collect tokens to create Shatterer-themed decorations for guild halls!

The Shatterer isn’t the first dragon to have been updated, as players may remember Tequatl the Sunless getting a major update during the Living World Season 1. While many players including myself might have been expecting something similar, the update to the Shatterer isn’t sounding quite as grand. Much of the encounter sounds to be similar, just updated to fix many of the problem.

While the fight is definitely going to be more interesting and challenging as the result of this update, I’m worried that the Shatterer will end up underwhelming after the potential hype of a Tequatl 2.0. At least we won’t have to wait long to find out, as we are just 12 days away from the Winter 2016 patch.

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